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5 VMAs delivered to Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel has purchased five Brauner VMA and six Phanthera microphones and uses them currently for his latest project “Scratch My Back”.

Peter became aware of Brauner Microphones after his guitarist Richard Evans bought a VMA. They then used VMAs for a National Geographic music score he was doing in Budapest. Five VMA were used there for the main surround system, augmented by sixteen Brauner Phantera for orchestra spot mics and a custom vintage mic pre rack carefully refurbished by Brauner.

The Budapest recordings were a great success, and this year when the “Scratch My Back” sessions started Peter had to have those VMAs for the new recordings again augmented by twelve Phantheras as spot mics.

Test recordings were a great success and we are eagerly awaiting the final result...:-)

Peters comment regarding Brauner Microphones:

I am really happy with how Dirks microphones express the music of the situation we are in rather than get in the way of it. He not only is a great mic creator he is also an understander of how music should work. Dirk's mics are the best thing I have come accross in years. They are open and natural and inspiring, just like the man himself. (Thank you Peter - this floors me!, Dirk)