The Art Of Microphones

Ready to go for something real?

Something that will last a lifetime and keep its value?

There are people who can not afford buying budget equipment. People whose work is too inimitable than to be degraded by imperfect tools. People who take their work that seriously, are the customers of Brauner Microphones.

We do not claim to build the worlds best microphones. However, we do set out with this exact goal in mind. Whether we achieve it or not, is a judgement left to be made by the only people qualified to make it - our customers!

Latest News

Brauner Microphones temporarily closes production

2021-05-31 As the current situation does not allow the continued operation of our company in the current form, we will temporarily close our production from the end of July. The reason is the impact and consequences of the current situation, as well as the breakdowns in the supply chains, and finally also the ... (read)