The Art Of Microphones

Ready to finally go for something real again?

Something that will last a lifetime and keep its value?

There are people in this world who can not afford to risk buying budget equipment. People whose work is too important to be degraded by imperfect tools. These people take their work very seriously and are customers of Brauner Microphones.

We do not claim to build the best microphones in the world. However, we do set out with this exact goal in mind. Whether we have achieved it or not, is an opinion left to the only people in this world who are qualified to make it - our customers!

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Christmas in dark times

2020-12-19 This is certainly the darkest Christmas many of us have ever experienced in a long time. Many creatives are facing the end of their busynesses and no longer know how to carry on, how to support themselves and their families. In the last weeks and months, we have spoken to many of you who are drastically ... (read)