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Shipping estimates remain unpredictable

Dear valued customers,

unfortunately, like many of our industry colleagues, we are currently experiencing major problems in our supply chains that seem to no longer be functioning reliably. Thus we are currently unable to make any precise estimates on the delivery timeframes of our products. As you may have noticed, the delivery times at the dealers are currently shifting further back, also for our products.

Overall, we currently have a large volume of pre-orders and thus have almost  reached about 50% of our annual production capacity. We process all orders on a first in first out sceme. Many of these are almost completed and just  waiting for some parts to be added. As soon as these hopefully arrive shortly, at least all open orders from last year as well as the new orders from the beginning of this year can hopefully be processed quickly.

Unfortunately, the situation is similar in the service area. Here we also currently see quite some high volume, which can only be processed bit by bit, since as a small manufactory we only have limited personnel resources, which can unfortunately currently not be further increased, as the number of employees being allowed to work inhouse is very limited.

However, our small team is doing its best to cope with the situation as good as possible. The only consolation: We still exist and are doing good beside these hinderances.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe!