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Christmas in dark times

This is certainly the darkest Christmas many of us have ever experienced in a long time. Many creatives are facing the end of their busynesses and no longer know how to carry on, how to support themselves and their families.

In the last weeks and months, we have spoken to many of you who are drastically experiencing exactly this situation.

Artists, event technicians, cultural workers and many others from our creative community are at a loss, helpless and without perspective and yet there is no real sign of change.

Let us hope together that these dark times will soon be over and that they will not claim even more victims than they already have.

Let us hope that common sense, compassion, reason and consistent action by those who are committed to true science, true law and true health, will stand together, soon finding ways to end this worst crisis in a long time.

In this spirit, we wish to all of you, our customers, friends and business partners, a blessed Christmas and a happy new year 2021, which we hope will become better and turn this horrible crisis around!

All the Best from the bottom of our heart!

Your Brauner Microphones Team!


P.S:: We're pausing now until 18th of January and will be back for you then.