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New Flagship Microphone Design

Sometimes things seem to take very long but the one thing that is still true is that when real perfectionists do not want to compromise on anything and are still looking for the one and only ultimate result it is still worth the waiting! 

So what happened to the new super high end design that was anounced more than a year ago? - Plain truth is - we're still not ready. - What's the reason? The reason is simply that we were promised results from a supplier that unfortunately could not keep up with our high demands. After trying for more than a year we did finally decide to take production of this very delicate part in house. We have invested more than half a million euros into production equipment to be able to manufacture this part on our own and to the level of performance that we are looking for and we are already seeing great results and have applied for a whole range of new patents in this particular field. What this new part is we cannot tell you yet, but it will be a true revolution in our industry and in the field. It will also take some more time but the closer we get the more news we will reveal. So keep on standing by and drop by from time to time. We are progressing...

BTW: The new product will surely not make our existing products a thing of the past! These are all classic products that will be around as long as we will be around and they will never be discontinued. At Brauner we are not about short lifetime products. At Brauner we are about sustainability, strong support and lasting value and this is also the reason why we want to make our next step as perfect as the wonderful things we were lucky to achieve in the past. We want our customers to always be able to fully rely on the worldclass level that our work has become synonymous for over the last decades. Stand by - it is going to happen...